Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to build the healthy life of children

Children are the golden future of parents. They will inherit what we have got. Either fame or destruction can be caused by them over the existence of parents. Knowing how to build the healthy life is important consequently.

There are a few efficacious ways to build healthy life of children. They are:

1. Be a good example

If smoking or drugs are expected to be far away from the children, prove it first by your own. It will speak more loudly than any words of advices you want to tell them about the dangers of smoking and drugs.

2. Stop Complaining

Never show you complaint or any negative comment even necessary. This is when you deal with a certain difficult thing to handle. These might be how to lose weight, how to cook better that you do, etc. Your complaint will have to make think that this life is somewhat bothering.

3. Set the Goals

Let’s say you have the healthy life programs for family. In order to run the program, you will have routine morning jogging with them. Involve you children to decide what and how before, during, and after every step. They will appreciate much your attitude of being open-minded and accommodative.

4. Let them find out by themselves

Parents are to stay away from being a dictator. This manner can definitely kill their potentials and self talent to explore their life and mind. Let them find out certain thing the need and want to know about. Trust them. And help them when necessary. You will find the children show the very result of their given good attitude eventually.

Lots of parents have been so desperate finding their children behave unhealthily. You don't hope this to happen of course. There for, the simple tips on how to build the healthy life of children should be concerned and carried out. You will just smile as soon as they grow up and make you proud of them.

How to stop smoking

Smoking is not healthy. Everybody realize this even the smokers them selves. Given the self approval, the addicted smokers cannot still get out from this deadly addiction, smoking. Stop blaming yourselves why you cannot change. Follow the following steps by which you can find your self better. It’s when you stop smoking without any hesitance and looking back to your bad past habits.

1. Identify the reasons why you smoke

There must be some reasons why we do something. Smoking is included. Identify the reasons why you have to smoke and feel comfort to do so. While at the same time you realize that it is no good choice. Knowing these reasons with each detailed when, where, and how will help you understand they you are in relation with smoking habit.

2. Find alternative ways to meet your best convenience just as why you smoke

There are various ways to be and to do things. List them in relations with your convenient moment to do smoking. Prioritize them based on your own interest and preference. Since then, you can always remember that the alternatives are available in mind to carry out instead of smoking.

3. Ask for the feedback from your beloved couples or family

Beloved couples or family members have certain extent of significant meaning in our life normally. Ask for their honest and sincere feedback about how good when you quit and stop smoking. They will support you. No going to those who have bad manner of mocking good intention to do new things. You don’t need them though they are your family. But those who really care about the good you have to be and get in life. They are the real beloved. Ask for their support and feedback.

4. Create positive suggestion in your mind

Believe your selves that you can stop. Trust you selves you are not addicted to smoking. Things will be softened and easier then. This suggestion will give good power to your soul to once or twice try to find another thing instead of smoking.

5. How many kilometers of cigarettes have been smoking?

Bluntly speaking, the final question that you have to ask to you selves is how many kilometers of cigarettes have you been smoking so far? Trying to know for sure and realize this will help you aware that unmerciful smoking habit has been that really deadly along your ages. Count it!

How to master a foreign language fast

There are lots of theories and methods of learning a foreign language. They can be alternative to know how to learn foreign language. After all, we wish there would be certain and extraordinary way by which we can understand and speak a new foreign language fast or in a short period of time. Do you want to know how to master a foreign language fast? Here you the crazy ways of mine.

1. Find some private students

You don’t need to be a student to learn a new foreign language. You had better become the private teacher in order to have double result of learning process. By the way, you make extra money from that as well.

2. Find a foreign couple whose a certain language you are currently learning

Not to provoke you to play back after behind your existing couple. It’s all about how to directly sense the way a certain foreign language is. The best way is to hear and listen it immediately from the native speakers. Get them to be your couple. Why not if managed?

3. Label all stuff around to enrich your vocabulary

Vocabulary is the essence of any language before the given structure and grammar. In order to enrich your vocab, just stick the name of stuff surrounding in the language you are currently learning; at home, office, etc. The more the better is our principle in here.

4. Watch a foreign TV program without sub-titling into the mother language

Hundreds of TV channels worldwide are accessible easily and delivered in each language of the broadcasting country. We usually take benefit from the available subtitling facility on the TV channels. That’s why we never feel guilty when we cannot understand the original spoken language. It’s time to turn off the subtitled language. Have another subtitle language beside your mother language. You will have afterward to focus on the given and original spoken language on the TV program. Prove to show that you are to learn fast.

5. Attemp to seduce a foreigner with their language

Seduce is fun as long as it doesn’t disbenefit and endanger anyone. Take the positive sides please. When finding a certain foreigner to whom you want to practice a certain language under learning, you can just get him or her and try to practice. The most challenging and interesting way to practice is just by seduce. You have to appear great and well spoken in the language at least. Exploit the desire of looking good in order to master fast the foreign language.

6. Buy some picture books for kids

Books for kids might be silly to read especially for adults. But remember, something silly and ridiculous help energize better our memory to work than usual. Pictures, big fonts, unique lay out of the book and its cover as well will be something different to have. This is the very way to learn fast the foreign language. Prove it that this is true.

7. Build a foreign language community of yours

When you feel less confident of your self learning process, afford to build a community where you can learn and practice a certain foreign language together. It doesn’t need to consist of many members. Three, four, or five are enough as long as they can work together well. Your shy will disappear and your confidence as well as sense of good competition to master faster than others will grow.

8. Compile the songs and videos in the language you are learning

Entertainment always keeps amusing us when we want to relax or so. Songs or videos are the options. Turn them into the language you want to master. Delete and put in the box all songs and videos in your own mother language. You will find different and challenged to consume the available foreign ones. Dare you?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tips for Natural Beauty Care

Modern is not always a good choice. While traditional ways give a better result somehow. This obviously applies when women are dealing with their beauty care. There are some tips on how to naturally care our beauty without any chemical-content cosmetics.

1. Banana

Blend the banana with some milk and honey. Spread it then on your face evenly. Let it work for 30-40 minutes. Wash your face afterwards with warm water and close it with the cold water. You can do this regularly at home or when convenient. The folate content of banana as well as the soft flesh of it will help reduce your acnes. After 2 weeks of continuous care,

2. Avocado

Avocado is usually used as masker when doing a beauty care. Melt the avocado and mask it on your face, arms, or cubic. Let it work for 30 minutes and then wash it with warm water. Please rinse it off with clean and fresh water eventually. Avocado could be used as hair conditioner as well.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is normally used for Medicare and pedicure. Submerge you fingers in a pail of warm water which has been poured by some blended lemon juice. Brush your hand, fingers, and feet. Besides Medicare and pedicure, lemon juice could be also used for your beautiful hair care.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber can be used for facial cleaner, moisturizing cream, or freezing cream. This fits any types of skin. You simply need to adhere a few slices of cucumber on your face. Doing this routinely is helpful to prevent from wrinkling skin on face. Your face is going to look fresher than before. Give it a try.

Stop judging traditional way of beauty care is not good. The above tips for natural beauty care have been proven effective for thousands of people worldwide. Just prove it too see your good fortune following so.

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