Thursday, August 20, 2009

MasterHowto: Make Profit from land investment

Investment is made to make profit from the owned assets. This is the basic ambition of each investor. However, various types of investments do not always offer the same as much as planned at last. Owing to ‘premature’ greed of investors, ‘hot stocks’ often tempt them for short term profit making orientation. Accordingly, the high vulnerability of short term investments in stock market is mostly forgotten. The basic goal of making profit from investments unexpectedly turns to be a loss of assets.

An asset loss takes place because of many reasons. In regard with short term investments in stock market, investors tend to love short cut process with the high threatening risks over their assets. In this case, one fundamental principle is missed and neglected. It is safety to be the first account to consider before profit making. Stocks price that we have got might meet the top value for a certain period temporarily. It doesn’t guarantee that the subsequent situation of market will be the same as what it currently works. Safety is therefore put above everything when planning an investment.

Among the given alternatives, land investments constitute the most secured option. Don’t say that profit from land investment performs slowly. It is recorded that between spring of 1986 and January 2006, land values reached 764 percent increase, almost double growth when compared with the housing values during the same period. It might seem to be too long period of investments. However, the guaranteed safety of assets will be the powerful argument to rebut such impatience of reaping profits in a short time.

The possibility of falling price of land is still opened. But the decreasing values will be as much as what frequently happens to stock markets either short term of the long term ones. The current overheating market and increasing residential demands however over the scarcity of lands. The coming future market need will be much higher than it is now surely. Though lowering price is possible, the future prospect of land will be much more valuable than the possible worsening price might be.

Additionally, there is still one remaining benefit to make profit from land investment besides its inherent value. Unlike stock market assets where trading brokers replace our role to make profit, land investment can meet personal interest of owners in managing certain businesses ranging from real estate, resorts, and many more. Building some plot on the owned vacant freehold is one example. This will beneficially give extra opportunity to manage the growing values of assets. The owners will just need building permit prior to setting up their land to be more profitable. Having the right plot on the land will be a distinct asset management by which owners can handle and manage as well as they please.

We do not need to be in hurry to reap profits from any investment. Considering that today’s financial slump has not shown the bettering performance at its best. We had better manage and secure our asset from uncertain loss to happen. It is time to make safe decision to make profit from land investment. Why not?


  1. I think many people want to make money through land investment because there is less possibility of risk and get more profit.

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